The Remus Tucker Band, is an awesome band. End of story. If you took Whiskey Myers, Molly Hatchet, and the Allman Brothers, threw them in a blender, tossed in a heaped dose of extremely good musicianship and talent, and stirred in some fantastic songwriting and compelling lyrics, you would have The Remus Tucker Band. These guys are ridiculous. Seriously. For any Southern Rock fan, this is a required band.  They aren’t derivative at all, while their influences are clear- distinctly southern rock with a healthy dose of blues and modern country.

Come On by The Remus Tucker Band

Based out of Denver, Colorado, the highly-energetic and adventurous country music sounds of The Remus Tucker Band, are truly a sight to be heard. Comprised of members Remus Tucker (lead vocalist), Tom Williams (lead guitarist), Jimmie Clinton (rhythm guitar), Chris Love (bass player), and Ryan Luther (drums), the group perfectly embody the artistic etching of outlaw country music. Formed in 2012, The Remus Tucker Band, are passionate about their music and literally constitutes some of the hardest working musicians that have hit the stage. The band’s new offering titled Come One is an excellent demonstration of their musical genius.

Come On begins with a fierce guitar-laden groove that continues to evolves further into the track. Remus Tucker rides upon this brilliant musical landscape with an intense vocal performance in the song. Thre that e sonic picture that the lead singer paints is further enhanced by backing harmonies from the band, along with Come On’s well-executed hook. The song’s energy continues to escalate into a podium for the lead guitarist to skate upon in a concluding strum of chords, leaving the listener in complete satisfaction of the group’s thriving ability. Come On by The Remus Tucker Band is a musical gem!


The Remus Tucker Band – “Lonely Mile”/”Come On” – Singles Review

“Now here’s a sound built to deliver the good times to ya.

Here’s what I can immediately tell ya – The Remus Tucker Band IS The Remus Tucker Band for a reason – this dude can absolutely slay microphones.  Right from the get-go past the sliding guitars slipping this track into place at the beginning, you can hear the soulful sound of his voice is already stellar – and before thirty-seconds have even passed on “Lonely Mile,” the main man on the mic, Remus Tucker, will damn-well blow your mind with gigantic notes and flawless tone.  No joke dear readers, dear friends – that’s the kind of voice that was born & destined to find its way to the front of the stage, and here it is.  You can hear how much of a role Tucker plays in the crossover sound and potential you’ll find on “Lonely Mile” – the way he sings would be just as incredibly well suited for the alt-grunge styles of something like Alice In Chains or Soundgarden, or something wildly hair-rock like Van Halen…I mean, after what I’m hearing from him on this single, I’m pretty convinced he could pull off just about anything-Rock, 100%.  Dude’s got soul, dude’s got style, dude’s got an extremely capable crew of ace talent surrounding him in his band – you’re not going to find any faults in the execution of a cut like “Lonely Mile” or feel like there was a spot that could have been improved…there’s no doubt that The Remus Tucker Band as a whole, went after every moment of this single with inspired instrumentation and genuinely electric energy.  Strong hooks – bulletproof performance from all members of the band – The Remus Tucker Band storms and stomps through the mountainous rhythm & groove of “Lonely Mile” and creates a moment you’re sure to remember them by.  And don’t forget – this was all back in 2016 y’all – it’s plenty clear that this band has been kickin’ all the ass & then-some from the studios to the stage for a while by now.

S’pose that begs the question hombres – what are they up to NOW in 2019?

I mean look…far be it from me to say they’re reinventing the wheel with what they’re creating, but you certainly can’t fault them for how well they put their music together & how much fire they bring to their performances.   Not every musician, artist, or band is out to break entirely new ground – some out there are plenty fine with stomping confidently on well-tread terrain and providing the people with the good times they’re truly seeking out – and I’d argue that The Remus Tucker Band likely falls into that last category of folks.  You can hear from the way they surge through such a comforting brand of barnstorming Rock on “Come On” just how naturally it comes to these guys to Rock the fuck out and how willing they are to pass on that electric vibe to you out there.  They rip through “Come On” with a reliably gripping pace that never lets up, searing guitar notes and crunchy distorted tones that totally hit the mark…the whole structure is designed to deliver on maximum entertainment at all times.  Complete with clever breakdowns, solos, backup vocals, and a flair that would rival the greats from Jerry Lee Lewis to Elvis to the Stones – and all at once – The Remus Tucker Band reveals the wild-side of Rock that’s tried, tested, and true – people love jams as hot as this.”


“The Denver-based band performs original material, written mostly by Tucker and slide guitarist and fellow vocalist “Uncle Otis.” “The songs are basically pulled out of our own lives,” Tucker said. “It’s down-home, Southern rock stuff, about things that have touched us personally over the years.” And, it’s “definitely dancing music” — as in the style of the Allman Brothers or the Marshall Tucker Band, Tucker said.”

— Sharon Sullivan, Post Independent

“Good southern rock is hard to find these days and The Remus Tucker Band may restore your faith in the genre with one listen to their tracks. Even though they hail from Denver Colorado, they can stand beside any good old southern boy’s band that is worth its salt. This is a band to take a serious look at if this is the type of music that gives you a lift and adds a little sunshine to your day, southern style.”



“Steve Matthews said: These guys are GREAT. Fun to be around and while they are individually, superb musicians, together they synergize and lift their music up to that rarified atmosphere that is reserved for the truly great groups. If you’re looking for big-time goosebumps .. check out the Remus Tucker Band .. preferably in person. You’ll be glad you did.”

— Steve Matthews