“The Denver-based band performs original material, written mostly by Tucker and slide guitarist and fellow vocalist “Uncle Otis.” “The songs are basically pulled out of our own lives,” Tucker said. “It’s down-home, Southern rock stuff, about things that have touched us personally over the years.” And, it’s “definitely dancing music” — as in the style of the Allman Brothers or the Marshall Tucker Band, Tucker said.”

— Sharon Sullivan, Post Independant

“Good southern rock is hard to find these days and The Remus Tucker Band may restore your faith in the genre with one listen to their tracks. Even though they hail from Denver Colorado, they can stand beside any good old southern boy’s band that is worth its salt. This is a band to take a serious look at if this is the type of music that gives you a lift and adds a little sunshine to your day, southern style.”

— MuzikReviews

“Steve Matthews said: These guys are GREAT. Fun to be around and while they are individually, superb musicians, together they synergize and lift their music up to that rarified atmosphere that is reserved for the truly great groups. If you’re looking for big-time goosebumps .. check out the Remus Tucker Band .. preferably in person. You’ll be glad you did.”

— Steve Matthews